Jeff Clemens began his pursuit of drawing in the early 90's while growing up in the small mountain town of Quincy, CA. The town was so small it had mostly just essential stores, so it was unusual that a tiny comic book shop opened for a few years in the quaint downtown area.  That’s how Jeff discovered comic books and began teaching himself how to draw like the pros.
After high school, Jeff joined the military to get the G.I. Bill and to ultimately attend an art school on the East Coast. 10 years later and many wild rides with six deployments in Air Force Special Operations, he made his dream come true to attend the Joe Kubert Art School in Dover, NJ.
Since then he has worked on multiple graphic novels and comic books as an artist, letterer, colorist, writer, and post-production formatting.  His books can be found in a few Albuquerque comic book shops, local markets, comic book conventions, and for sale online.
Nowadays you can find Jeff roaming around Albuquerque with his three little ducklings (sons).
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