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About Jeff Clemens

Jeff Clemens is a comic book/graphic novel artist/writer currently involved in a variety of exciting projects.  His comic book illustrator career began at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art in Dover, NJ in 2005.  This exceptionally professional art school propelled him forward into drawing comics and working side by side with exciting writers and creators in the comic book industry.  Please contact him in the contact link if you would like to talk about collaborating on a future project or if you would just like to say hello.

Current Projects

Stick Ink Comics Presents

Stick Ink Comics Presents is an ongoing series with art and writing by Jeff. Title of the first story arc is yet to be revealed, but the art is currently underway and the first three story arcs are written. The fun begins with the upcoming release of the first issue.
Writer and Artist:  Jeff Clemens

Previous work:

Black Dawn: Graphic Novel

[The sun is burning up the people around us. One family finds themselves living by night, sleeping by day. That is...until they run across a psycho doctor with other plans in mind]
Writer: John O'Connor
Artist and Letterer: Jeff Clemens
Colorist: Tamra Bonvillain
Editor: Bruce Levine

Vesuvius Johnson "Day One":

[Born from Mt. Vesuvius in Italy. Normal dude when he's chillin, a rock hard Lava monster when pissed off.]
Writer: Mike Naylor
Artist: Jeff Clemens
Colorist: Antonio Mastria
Letterer: Wayne Powers

Obsession:  Graphic Novel

[Cheesy, Thriller, Romance. Blood and guts from a romance novel style story. Read it, love it, devour it.]
Writer: William Rees
Artist and Letterer: Jeff Clemens

It's Go Time: Government Educational Comic 

[Educational comic book for families]
Writer: John O'Connor
Artist, Colorist, Letterer: Jeff Clemens

PS, The Preventive Maintenance Monthly

[Army maintenance magazine that was first run by Will Eisner and then taken over by Joe Kuebert. Hidden little secret of comic book awesomeness.]
Company: Telegraphics
Background Penciller, Inker, Color Separations: Jeff Clemens

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